Here are 5 tips to get you out of your art block and back to your art sketch book:)

Art blocks are terrible. Any artist will tell you so. It’s a exasperating, frustrating, trynottochuckyourartsuppliesoutthewindow time. So, if you are an artist like yours truly and you’ve found your creative juices blocked by a brick wall that you can’t seem to move…That is, if you have an art block, let me share with you today 5 tips to get you out of your art block and break once and for all your brick wall. Let’s begin.


I know that this may sound fairly weird, but believe me it can be hard to realize that you have an art block! And even harder still to accept it! Who wants to find out that they suddenly seem to have forgotten how to draw? Nobody that’s who! But once you come to accept it, guess what? You can go right ahead and try to solve it! No more moping around wishing it will go away


As an artist you may feel the need to draw to be able to get your creativity going. This is normal as drawing is your mean outlet. But what if

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Why not try out baking?

instead of limiting yourself to drawing, you find another way to let your imagination loose? This may not only get your creative juices flowing again, which may end your art block, but you might find a new hobby! The possibilities are endless! You could write, dance, compose music, sing or maybe even try journaling or baking!


Inspiration. Inspiration. Inspiration. What gets YOU inspired? Do your inspiration resources include yotube videos, music or art accounts? Or perphaps it involves reading or photography. Maybe, you like to get inspired my the great outdoors and go for a hike? Whatever it is that gets you to get out your notebook and start sketching, there’s nothing better to get you out of your art block!

I personaly love and get inspired by photography and nature, but that’s up to you to decide. But whatever it is fill yourself with it, fill yourself up to the rim so that it feels like you are about to explode. And when you do. When you do, that’s when you start drawing and you break your brick wall.


I know this may sound weird. Stupid even. Take a break? What do you mean take a break? Weren’t you just telling us about how you should fill yourself with inspiration? But yes, take a break. Relax. Because even the greatest car engine runs out of fuel. So just chill for a bit. Focus on something else. Draw only once in a while and you’ll see how eventually everything will come back and that art block will flow away.


Those feeling that the art block may create inside you…why not showcase them? You already have the emotions, so…why don’t you just show them? You can do so with writing, photography, film making, cooking..hey, maybe you can even try drawing or painting! But either way, instead of letting this art block tie you down, it’ll let express yourself. In conclusion, you will be kicking the brick walls butt!


Be patient. Some art blocks last longer than others and they are all terribly annoying. So if you can’t seem to get out of yours don’t panick. Remember even the greatest artist had to kick the brick walls butt and you are no exception. But this is not usually something that is overcome overnight. That being said, good luck if you are going through it and may you tear apart that brick wall of yours soon!

Now, all of this advice you see here today is a compilation of tips and tricks I´ve agther with experience. Other people have different tricks, including you dear reader! If that’s the case make sure leave some tips in the comments to help other people out!

Good luck my fellow art block suffers and until next time!

P.S: If I had a dollar for every time I say art block in this I’d be rich! Okay…maybe not. But I did say it a fair amount of time hehe;)


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